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Deborah Evans  MRPharmS 
co-founder and director
of The Tipping Point Ltd.

Contact by email at:

or mobile: 07899 967040
John Evans BSc  
co-founder and director
of The Tipping Point Ltd.

Contact by email at:

or mobile: 07703 336323
Deborah started her career as a pharmacist
and still works regularly in a local pharmacy.
After a successful period in retail and hospital
pharmacy, Deborah joined the pharmaceutical
industry and spent twelve successful years in
sales and sales management,
reaching the position of Business Director with
GSK before deciding to branch out on her own.
Her special qualities include a passion for
people development and bringing out the best
in people through coaching.
She also has a keen interest in optimising the
sales and marketing interface in order to gain
maximum organisational effectiveness.
Outside of work Deborah is a keen keep fit
devotee dividing her leisure time between,
running, yoga, swimming and pilates, and
bringing up four children, ages, 6,9,17 and 18.
John has a degree in psychology and has used
this degree over the past 30 years in sales
management, training and coaching within the
pharmaceutical industry. He has almost twenty
years of management experience with blue chip
companies such as GSK .
More recently John has been using his skills in
the field of coaching and team building. He is
also undertaking further self-development in the
area of counselling in order to gain a greater
insight into the part played by people's beliefs
and values in their working lives.
When not working John may be found either in
the local gym, out on his motorbike or at home
trying to keep the family home from falling

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